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Native American Passions Members in Rosebud Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land

  • ravenorjustrave
  • 25 y/o Lakota mix female LF companionship, friends, or partner. Hobbies include horseback riding, reading, art, tennis, swimming, skating, dogs, cats, fish.
  • 26 years old | Gary, IN, USA

  • lakotaspirit189
  • 53 years old | Sioux Falls, SD, USA

  • wolf13eyes
  • Hi names Alex, 22 Am a Native/Euro mutt, looking for someone special to share life's jou
    ey with.
  • 31 years old | Muttontown, NY, USA

  • wakinyan
  • Native Heart
  • Native Heart Lakota, Nadowessi. Practice, share and live the Traditional "Old Ways". Sing, dance, drum...with my Heart. Looking for down-to-earth, passionate, sincere and sharing Traditional Woman with same likes and interests...and with the ability to put up with a "Traditional Spiritual Warrior". (yes, we are hard-headed) LOL Understanding, patience and tolerance of what it takes for me t...
  • 58 years old | All of IN, USA

  • lakotaprincess1
  • ♥ Looking 4 that Special~Native~Someone I'm half German and half Oglala Lakota (39 years old).I am adopted by a German family. I live in Germany!.Living my NDN culture in Germany is difficult, and I often feel very very lonely in Germany and miss US / (removed) like to learn more about my Lakota culture and language. My greatest wish is to live in US with a man who loves me how I am and isn'...
  • 47 years old | Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • jlynn605
  • Lakota. (:
  • 34 years old | Watertown, SD, USA

  • tallndnguy
  • Lakota Man looking for a good woman. Eeezah I can't find you?
  • Lakota Man looking for a good woman. Eeezah I can't find you? I'm hotter then a peice of Frybread right out of the grease and I get greasier then hot bacon on a Sunday morning! Eeezah I'm really good at snaggin so watch out if your good looking!
  • 53 years old | Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • mclovin253
  • why not to see what is out there
  • 44 years old | Kent, WA, USA

  • unchida4
  • I have strong character, but I go through life with a smile in heart. I believe in love and sincere feelings. I don't like dependence, therefore all achieved myself. The person himself chooses for itself ways in life, but I don't like when person try search for easy ways and uses others for this purpose. I don't like lie, hypocrisy. I respect people, who keep in heart of traditions of own people a...
  • 56 years old | Moscow, Russian Federation

  • native1luv
  • Life, Indian love, and learning...
  • Life, Indian love, and learning... I am a man with a past, but looking forward to the future. I've come to beleive that i 've been put on unci maka for three things: life, love, and learning. I put two things before me: family and friends. And I put only one thing above me: Tunkasila (with sports coming in a close second!) I appreciate the active life, but love to take the time to kick back and wa...
  • 47 years old | Sturgis, SD, USA

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