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How REAL are you here???
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almagic wrote:
Ladies, it's internet and one of the dating sites. Free zone for everybody, no matter if he's honest, pretend to be or playing the role. You can be 100% real but can not require others (especially men) to be the same. Look for REAL man in real life not here.

I 100% agree with algmagic. We can make all kinds of connections online; nevertheless, we still need to actually be standing or sitting right in front of that person in real physical reality so we can also read each other's body language, which will say much more than words can in a text or whatsapp message. I also believe that bodies communicate to each other in some way that we are not consciously aware of, as well. But that communication can come out in thoughts.

It would be good to not make such huge commitments to others when we have never met them physically. Although, I know people can lie in person, as well. Still, I think if you are emotionally intelligent and not looking for someone to "complete" you, you will eventually know if that other person is right for you, or not.

If you have a hope to live in a different land, then you should learn to speak the language of that country, if the language is different than your own. Then move to that country to establish and nurture a deeper connection to that land before connecting with some one. So if you are after someone of a particular culture, then you probably should be spending a lot of time with people from that culture, too. The internet, regardless of how informative it can be, is still not enough. And regardless of how good someone may be online, you still need to meet him or her in person before you make any further plans concerning commitment.

I have a friend originally from America who connected with someone from France. And online, they hit it off really good. But this man is emotionally intelligent and wanted to find out if she was, too. Eventually, they agreed to meet, and everything clicked. Now they are a couple, and I think he is the one who will be moving to France, as he has enrolled in a French language course. They met first here on Native Passions, and since they have each other now in person, they have both deactivated their accounts. Mission accomplished, and I am very happy for both of them Smile

Connecting with people from different countries means one of you will have to eventually move to the land of the other. So you have to take into consideration things like learning another language. Also, people who are speaking in a second language might say something that they do not really mean, so you would have to learn the perspective of that other culture, to better understand what that person "really" means. Otherwise someone might misunderstand the other and before you know it, its war of the roses. And all because of a cultural and/or social misunderstanding.

I know that just because I can speak English as a second language, that does not mean I will always 100% understand someone who only speaks English. It seems that many Natives speak only English, and I do not mean that in any disrespectful way, as I am aware of the historical reasons for this. But if you want to connect with a Native and you have not grown up among them, then you should become really good at speaking English. And then maybe together, both of you can learn his Native language. Wouldn't that be so cool? Smile

Although, I believe that Love knows no language or culture or race, you still have to nurture it with communication. And in a relationship, there has to be a common language. Which means, the better you speak each others' language, the more you will be able to nurture your love connection.

Amen! Just kidding Smile

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